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Colleges to consider in CA i live in PA?

My GPA Is a 3.0 and i am very interested in going to college in california my top 6 colleges that i am interested in going to are

– UC Santa Cruz

– UC Santa Barbara

– Westmont (have not heard anything about this college)

– CSU Monterrey Bay

– CSU Sacramento


– CSU San Diego

those are ranked from favorite to least favorite but overall i am interested in all of these colleges.

NOW the point of my question is because of me living out of state (i live in pennsylvania)..Would i be accepted into these colleges having a 3.0 gpa .. PS i go to a catholilc high school and is a very tough school and you have to work extra hard compared to public school. It is noted for being a tough school..

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You should have no problem getting in to any of these with a 3.0. One other college you might want to check into is UC Merced. It is also in CA. It is only about 2 years old. Matter of fact they are still building on it.

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Hey it’s Ken!
3.0 is a decent GPA, but they’ll also look at your SAT/ACT scores. The UC system will have higher standards than the CSU system, though the 2 you mentioned (as well as UCM) are not the most competitive to get into.

Do you know what kind of major you want to get into? If you do, then make your decision based on that. I did notice too that all the schools other than Sac State are on the beach. You also have “party” schools in UCSB and San Diego State.

Good luck! Let me know if you have more questions..