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By how much does an A increase a college GPA?

By how much does an A increase a college GPA?

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If you have to ask, you should probably just drop out.

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It depends on how much your old gpa was, and how many classes/units thats based.

For example. If you’ve only taken 1 class before and got a C. That means your old gpa was a 2.0, If you get an A in a second class, it would increase your gpa to a 3.0 because you average your grades. you have a 2.0 for the first + 4.0 for the second class=6.0 divided by 2 clases=3.0






The more classes you have taken the more different your gpa would be. if you’ve taken 5 classes and you got all Cs and then you took a 6th class and got an A in it your gpa would be 2.3 because

5 classes multiplied by 2.0=10.0


1 class multiplied by 4.0= 4.0

= 14.0

divide 14.0 by 6(#of classest taken)= 2.33


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It depends on what kind of A it is (A+,A,A-), how many units that course is, and how many units you have total. If you are a freshman, an A will do wonders. If you’re a junior or senior…that A won’t budge your GPA too much…unless you get A’s for all your classes that term.

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A lot.