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Is this a good undergrad to take if I want to apply to med school. Does it cover all that I will need to know for the MCAT?

Should I just do a Honours Specialization in Biochemistry program … or should I major in it and minor in something else?



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BioChem, you dont take your senoir year, you major in it. (Dont know what the person about me was thinking).

BioChem would be a good one because you do need to take a lot of genetics bio classes. No eovlution ecology ones. Also you take a lot of chem. (organic). So the mlcs youd be studying ar the ones in your body. Also youd take a Physics and a Math course so that is always good. So i think BioChem would be fine. Also it may stick out from a Bio major (idk just guessing). You also may wish to major in Bio and Minor in chem or vise versa. Or if you are really up for it. Double Major. But BioChem should be fine


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lol as an undergrad myself..i’ll recommend u take biochem after the mcat..it helps more for med school than for the mcat.

So ya take biochem ur senior year. classes good for the mcat are chem classes…and lotsa bio…molec cell, micro…physiology..genetics…some immuno..you know..the like..

and med schools like diversity..u may wanna major and minor in different things.. 🙂


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In order to pass the MCAT you need 1 year of bio with lab, one year of chem with lab, one year of organic with lab one year of physics with lab and one year of calc with lab. As long as you get in those core courses, you can major in anything that you want and still go to med school. Additional helpful classes would be anatomy and phys, genetics, biochem, cell bio, micro, molecular bio, etc. and consider doing some volunteer work at a medical facility for some exposure to the workflow. Good luck!