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Anyone know anything about CLEP tests?

I’m already a junior, but I am thinking about taking the US History I & II CLEP tests to take care of a couple of required courses.

Can I take more than one test per day?

How difficult are the questions? It’s been a while since I’ve taken history and I’m not sure what, exactly, I need to brush up on. Do you get to choose from several essay topics, or do they just give you one and you have to write about it?

Also, my school has about ten testing dates in July, but it doesn’t have any info about any other month. Are the tests usually given year round, or just during the summer?


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You will find detailed information about CLEP at this site:


Notice at the far left of the page is a link to descriptions of each of the CLEP exams. Each exam, except for English Composition which takes longer, takes 90 minutes. I would advise you, if possible, not to try to take more than one exam a day. If you do, you will be more weary when you take the second one.

CLEP tests are given the year around. Ask your school if they offer them at any other dates. If they do not, here is a site which lists all the sites that are authorized to administer CLEP.