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melissa w

what kind of schooling does it take to be a cosmotoligst?

i have to do a paper on my carrer and i dont know how long i would have to go to collage or whatever

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You wouldn’t go to college per se, but a cosmetology school. Look up one of those and ask them questions (like a phone interview). Not only will it provide you good research, your teacher will give you props for taking the initiative to do an interview for research.

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English Dream
geez don’t people know of


You don’t go to COLLEGE

for cosmetology, there are schools

that are certified in just that.

like a cosmetology school or a beauty school.

but it’s such a hard career.

since EVERY girl is doing it,

I mean there is so many people in it,

that the pay really isn’t that well,

just a dime a dozen.

but if that is your choice

and it is what you choose to do,

don’t let some guy on a computer

ruin your dream.