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well guys give me some quick idea?

hi guys well i am doing commercial arts sir has ask us to do 10 pages project .project shud contain any topic but wanted history of tht project which man have not yet done like its not been discovered.e.g:like mobile phones wht additional functions can we put in it.like slr camera or additional lens.are lightest model etc etc…..

so guys plz i required your suggestion on this.which topic do i choose n wht can i do on it?????????

plz guys suggest me something asp……

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u can do a project on pocket computers..


A pocket computer is a small calculator-sized handheld computer programmable in BASIC. This specific category of computers existed primarily in the 1980s. Manufacturers included Sharp, Casio, Tandy/Radio Shack (Selling Casio and Sharp models under their own TRS line), as well as Hewlett-Packard and many more.

Though not identical in principle, personal digital assistants, handheld PCs, and calculators serve approximately the same functions as the old pocket computers, generally with significantly more computing power in a package the same size or smaller.

List of pocket computers

Tandy Pocket Computer range

HP-75C, HP-71B

Casio FX-700P, FX-702P, FX-710P, FX-720P, FX-730P, FX-750P, FX-785P, FX-790P, FX-795P, FX-802P, FX-820P, FX-840P, FX-850P, FX-880P, FX-890P, PB-80, PB-100, PB-500F, PB-770

Elektronika MK 85, MK-85M, MK-90, MK-95, MK-98

Sharp PC-1211, PC-1500, PC-1401, PC-1403, PC-1405G, PC-1280, PC-1350, PC-1460, PC-1475, PC-E500S

Kikuichi PC-A10, PC-A2

Olympia OL-H004

Panasonic RL-H1400 HHC (Also sold as Quasar HK-2600TE), RL-H1800 HHC

Texas Instruments TI-74, TI-74S

Toshiba IHC-8000 system

or check out the links:




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Okay an interactive computer that has TV, a microwave, telephone, interactive world games console, able to be portable and move automatically around the home in a form of a robot. Operating totally on voice control only.

You should be able to make that one up okay.


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