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school detention?

Hi everyone,

I got in trouble, because the sub said i was doing the animal voice..

And so i have to go after school attendant for 2 days..

And thats fine with me, but i’m wondering if i got in trouble and have to go after school attendant, will it affect the rest of my life??or i cant get a good job in the future??

(P.S. people said i didnt do anything, and i’m sacred now…….i dont know what to do, i’m very shy……..

but the sub said so….. i dont understand, everyone got in trouble because for some reason the sub made a mistake or something…)

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Well, if you truly feel discriminated against, or you feel that you were given this detention unfairly, speak up. Just be sure that you’re ready to stand for a long fight.

Recently, I was given a detention that I felt was because I was singled out, and the school, who is generally against me, put me in ISS for a day. Nothing was done about the issue. Also, I’m an individual, though many label me as a “punk”, and automatically I’m discriminated against. There were no rules about dying your hair, and that’s a battle I’m still fighting. They had a problem with faded green and blue hair, and when I dyed it a bright orange-red color, they also had a problem. I’m still fighting that fight, and if you truly believe you’ve been done wrong, than you should join the fight to.

Also, it really shouldn’t affect your future- lots of kids get sent to the office, or get detentions, but people still hire them. It shouldn’t affect you in any way unless you get MULTIPLE out of school suspensions or an expulsion on your record.

Good luck.


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No, this will not be a problem in the future. If you skip the detentions it may escalate into something else, but otherwise move on with your life.

Who are these “people”? As a teacher I try very hard to be fair, I am not interested in “singling” people out or getting the same people into trouble time after time. Students that are in trouble a lot get themselves there.


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you could still get a good job especially with a scholarship, but if this goes onto your permant record than thats different but its not that bad

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It is unlikely that sort of thing will follow you through life.