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nowaday .how japanese student [include boy and girl] have change from a part?

i wanna know about japanese student[inculde boys and girls].now, japanese student’s behavior change from part or not?and how to change?exp.when they in class or take a bus ? behavior with family?with friends?and they flight v friends who they don’t like or not? i have more and more anwers.and u can write to be japanese language^^

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Recently in Japan, many young students depend on cell phones and internet. They bring cell phone to school and whenver they have a time, they use it to surf internet or e-mail and call friends. I feel they tend to make shallow friends throughout cell phone or internet. When I was in Japan, I had a cell phone and there are tons of friend’s e-mail addresses were registered in it. However, I felt iI did not need so many information, because my close friends are limited.

We communicate with family with cell phones, too. I do not notice behavior’s change with family but I feel I can say what I want to say with my cell phone much easier than say orally.

Even if when we quarrel with friends, we sometimes do throughout cell phones.Sadly, bullying by using cell phone and internet began to happen much more than 15 or 20 years ago. Anyone can type whatever they want on the internet with anonymous.

Last year, there were many students died because of the bullying. It was so sad.

Of course some people fight with their friends, especially boys in elementary school and high school.

Current Japanese students seems to became more negative in the class. As long as I know, they seldom act aggressively.

Especially some of girls, they are very keen on fashion and their belonging means their social levels.

Hope it is answer for you.