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Life Insurance Logic Challenge…..please help me figure this out!!?


Five policies were issued by Policy Issue (department) on different days of the week (Mon-Fri) and mailed to an agent. All five policies were delivered on different days of the following week (Mon-Fri). No policy was mailed to the agent on the same day of the week it was delivered. (eg The policy mailed up on Mon wasn’t deliivered on the following Mon). Can you match each policy type with its applicant, the day of the week it was first mailed, the day it was delivered and the name of the agent.

1. The VUL policy (for someone other than Marty) was mailed to the agent on Tues. Mrs. O’Keefe delivered one of the policies on Thurs.

2. The FFUL policy was delivered the day before the policy Mr. Morgan delivered and earlier in the week that the policy Mr. Perry delivered but later in the week than George received his policy.

3. The policy which was mailed to the agent the day before Marty’s was mailed was delivered by Mrs. Tilley.

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The Term policy mailed to Mrs. O’Keefe on Friday was delivered to Marty on Thursday.

The 105 policy mailed to Mr. Morgan on Monday was delivered to Hank on Wednesday.

The Simple Term policy mailed to Mr. Perry on Wednesday was delivered to Barney on Friday.

The VUL policy mailed to Miss Kirby on Tuesday was delivered to George on Monday.

The FFUL policy mailed to Mrs. Tilley on Thursday was delivered to Dan on Tuesday.

I love logic puzzles like this!

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