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Just How Important Is IB Diploma?

Will taking it get me into a better university?

Will NOT taking it lessen my chances of getting in a a better university?

Will it be required to get me in to the top 100 U.S unversities?

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Colleges look at IB/AP favorably more because you are willing to take on the challenge of harder work and they can be assured that you can handle college level work than the diploma itself. It will not necessarily get you into a better university as there are many other factors in your application.

If you think that you can pull of As and Bs in the IB program go for the IB program. However, if you don’t think you can you should probably aim for the A average with the occasional Honors class or IB classes in subjects that you will do well in.

Will it be required? No. Does it help? Yes. If you want to get into the top 100 US universities you want to have a diversified application with extra curriculars, writing skills, good test scores, honors/IB/AP classes and a stellar GPA.