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Is it true that in some parts of Essex near the coast you can receive Dutch TV signals on terrestrial TV?

Why is this?

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If the UK and the Netherlands use the same type of scanning plan I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if you are on the coast and high enough.

Part of the problem is the curvature of the earth the receiving antenna must be high enough to actually “see” the transmitter (in line with) and you would have to have a good antenna. Preferably one cut to the frequency of the TV station to give you the max gain possible. I worked on the west coast of Canada and we had a community antenna up the side of a mountain to receive TV signals from a town 100 km away.

There is also a atmospheric phenomenon call atmospheric ducting it is rare but it is when layers of the atmosphere form a kind of wave guide allowing signals that normally travel in a straight line to be bent over the horizon but this doesn’t usually last very long.


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nobody knows but I guess it’s true. Since Netherlands aren’t too far from England