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i need help on this major grade project?

What are the chief products of this state?

Who are the top employers of your state?

What are the chief farm products of this state?

How many branches of government does it have and what are the called?


All your help is greatly appreciate please don’t answer the ones u don’t know for sure if your maybe on it please right maybe after you answer! Thanks again

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Look around on Google and learn how to use it–you won’t always be able to depend on Y!A to do your homework.




You’re going to have to do more than just type in “what are the chief products of Minnesota” and get the answer. You’ll actually have to LOOK for it.


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What you need is to look in an almanac or do a Google search. This is not a hard assignment that requires assistance. In case you’ve never been taught any research skills, here’s what you ask Google…

What are the chief products of Minnesota?

What are the chief farm products of Minnesota?

Who are the top employers in ….

What is the structure of the Minnesota state government?