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Robert B

I’m looking for information on an old piece of outdoor equipment mentioned in a book?

In a book published in the 1930’s there is mention of a tool/object called a ‘Trapper’s Friend’. According to the author it was invented in Devonshire, and its functions included “among other things, axe, spade, sickle, and hammer combined”. I would appreciate any more information on this device, and if possible a picture. I couldn’t think what category to put this in, so it’s in trivia.


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The sire below shows a versatile tool known as a trapper’s friend. the site includes pictures. I am not sure that it is the tool you are looking for.

The second site has a combination hoe/shovel, but it is a more modern invention.

Maybe you can visit some of the pioneer museums or interview some of the ” guests” at a nursing home.

Maybe you can make your own based on the description and sell it, making millions! Good luck with your search.