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Having trouble with some parabola equations?

Basically, I need to know, in the simplest terms possible, how to graph functions in these forms:

1.) y = ax² + c

2.) y = ax² + bx + c

And on how to use Vertex Form to Graph a Parabola.

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Put it into a graphing calculator or plot points. Test some numbers for x and you will get a y- value then graph

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The 2x is from the 1st area of the previous line 3x-x. undergo in innovations there’s a one in front of the 2d x. Then the -3 you should function to the two factors of the equation consequently the +3 zeros out the left area and makes the 5 an 8. much less complicated to substantiate it this way: 3(x-one million)=x+5 3x-x-3=x-x+5 2x-3=5 2x-3+3=5+3 2x=8 x=4 desire this permits.