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Do you know about the new 7 wonders of the world? How do you knew about it??

Chicen Itza – Mexico

Colloseum – Italy

Christ Redentor – Brasil

Great wall – China

Machu Pichu – Peru

Petra – Jordan

Taj Hamal – India

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I found out about this sometime last year, when the had an article in the paper about the new selection that was up for votes on the internet.

I remember thinking to myself “why only 7” why can’t they make it 10 or even 15?

I look at this list, and do think that all of these are awe inspiring, but what about The pyramids? what about The Acropolis? or Easter Island? Can’t we make room for them too?

I guess that each and every one of us can make their own list of wonders in this world, with as many as we want.


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annabelle p
I definitely agree with joseygirl on her question of why only 7. There could be more astounding or awesome wonders that has not been explored or discovered as yet . Taj Mahal of India is not a new wonder, so with the Great Wall of China. These two have already been named in the last decades as the old wonders of the world and should be exempted or excluded from the new list. There should be new discoveries, new wonders to make the list appropriately called the new 7 wonders of the world.

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It was in the Kansas City Star paper Sunday.

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One of those Patels
i saw it on the news about a week ago. there are only 7 probably because it is consider to be a lucky number lucky 7… maybe.

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I found out through Yahoo news. What i don’t know is if these wonders are actually “wonders”, you know what i mean?

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Lucy in the Sky
i went to new7wonders.com