A few days ago

a good topic to talk on???…..?

i need some good topic to talk on….

somethin light….. not serious…

mayb funny….or interesting….

but NOT serious or deep…

this is actully for my school…..

im supposd to talk in french… thats why i want light topics…

on friday….

so pls guys help me out find a gud topic… suggest at least 3 or 4 of em….

thnx evryone!!!!!!!!!

hope ull help!!!!!!!!!!

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xi xi

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u can talk about ur hobbies, art craft something u know how to do or make, sports or a recipe to make food

A few days ago
The art of telling a joke. You could get a few short jokes in French from the internet.

Origami. You could talk about the history and then give instructions on how to make an animal or something… provide the paper, of course. (swans, frogs, birds, …)http://www.origami-instructions.com/


A few days ago
NCIS ♥ Addict
This is a great website to use!!!


Some of my favorite topics from this website are:

♥ How to determine when you are addicted to the internet

♥ What woman really say

♥ How to find funny speech topics in 24 hours

Hope this helps!


A few days ago
Weather, a local festival or event, Art, Music.

A few days ago
yin yang
priyanka? are you indian? speak about india, or you hometown — use simple phrases like ‘in india, there are 21 official languages’ or ‘the main touristic sites are —‘ … in fact, you could speak about any country you like … good luck!