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Paresh P

What does Walk the talk and Talk the walk mean in this sentence?

Walk the talk. Talk the walk. Describe the people in your team. Discover their brand behavior.

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First Lady

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It means do what you say…don’t be a hyprocrite.

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If someone is passionate about a brand, a team or an idea, then everything they do and say will reflect that passion. They will sell it through their pores…it oozes out – the enthusiasm that is. So you could be on your day off, and meet someone in a coffee shop and tell them about what you do…in a natural relaxed way… you are selling but in a natural way…you are walking the talk, talking the walk… You can’t separate the two. You believe in what you say.. and everything you do reflects this….not forced not contrived…

If there are cynical persons in your team…just pure acting…. BS – doing it because the job wants them to do, not because they believe in it.


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..Saying “Excuse me” and walking away means “I really don’t want to talk if you don’t mind.” Guess why they wouldn’t say that instead of just walking away. Take a hint. You’re just sounding rude yourself now. Next time try starting a conversation more gently.. edit: Poor personal hygiene might be an issue too =P

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Martha M
it means exactly what it states if you are going to talk the talk then you must walk the walk if you don’t than you do not truly believe what you are saying and that makes you a hyprocrite—-

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My first question is: what does it mean “discover their brand behavior.”–what does that mean? Hmm.

Anyway to “walk the talk” would be to pretend to be another person, and take a walk in reference to how they talk… listen carefully to them and ‘walk’ it by understanding it they way they mean it to be understood, even the slang; all of it. No hidden meanings.

“Talk the walk” plays on the same idea… you are now the one expressing how you live or ‘walk’ in your life, in your words, including your slang. No hidden meanings.

That’s all I can think of about that!


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I dont know who am I


And the correct term is

Walk the walk and talk the talk!!