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What are some good songs for my presentation about sounds of poetry?

I’m doing my senior project on sounds of poetry, including Euphony, Cacophony, Onomatopoeia, Phonetic Intensive, and Synethesia.

What are some good songs that relate to these?

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I can’t think of anything specifically related to those concepts, but here are some good songs about poetry/words:

Consequence of Sounds – Regina Spektor

Fiction – The Lucksmiths

Wordy Rappinghood – Tom Tom Club or Chicks on Speed

Wordplay – Jason Mraz

You can also probably find some fun, geeky sorts of songs from They Might Be Giants or Schoolhouse Rock.

Also, consider taking simple tunes you know (e.g. songs from musicals) and writing your own parody lines that have to do with the poetic concepts.

Good luck with your senior presentation! It sounds interesting.