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Solution to a problem?

I need to know a solution (if there is one) to this problem:

For years, people have been trying to force the beliefs on others. Many other problems have come up because of this.

I’m writing this paper and I need to know what do you think is a appropriate solution for this problem. Please be serious because this i a serious matter. Thanx!

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there is no solution. there is no rule that can control every single person in the US or anywhere for that matter. missionaries go around the whole world and try and convert people. sexist guys think that the woman belong in the kitchen and taking care of their young and being house wives. that is what causes some divorces. the only solution i can think of is that if parents started raising their children to be more accepting. over the years more and more people have started accepting gay marriage, atheism, and a bunch of other things. i think in about 100 years the general public wont really discriminate against individualism anymore

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David (UK)
There are no solutions to differing beliefs; people will always disagree on almost everything; but as your question points out: that isn’t the problem.

Problems arise for two reasons:

1. A man is so insecure that to hear an opinion from someone that is too different from his own: arouses his insecurities and makes him so angry, he tries to force his views on that person in an attempt to silence them, thereby reducing his feelings of insecurity.

2. Two people may hold such diametrically opposed (absolute opposite) views on a subject, i.e. the death penalty,

that they can never reach a compromise, in which case they, again, will try to force their views on each other.

Both of these reasons apply to groups as well as persons.

A partial solution would take the form of a constitution allowing freedom of belief protected by law. Luckily, we have this in Great Britain, The USA and other countries, it still doesn’t guarantee that someone won’t try to force their beliefs on others (see reasons 1 & 2, above), but it does mean that they aren’t allowed to succeed.

Hope this helps.