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Searching for Catholic/Bible/Christian Cartoon clips. (Approx 0 – 60mins long)?

Hi im a sunday school teacher and i wish to show a cartoon to my class or anything nice. They are primary 4 kids, abt 10yrs old. So i need cartoons that are 0-60mins long. If u have ones that are longer do include them as well

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Try “Veggie Tales.” Fun videos using many stories (David & Goliath, Daniel in the lion den, Gideon) to go over many different lessons, like how to share, perseverance and how to handle bullies.

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This isn’t exactly a cartoon video but it looks as if it could serve as a good teaching tool…There is a website called; The Brick Testament:


Basically, it details stories from the BIble, and the visuals that go along with the stories are whole scenes built entirely out of lego pieces.

There is a wide selection of Biblical stories to choose from, and more are always being added. I believe this to be a Protestant webstite, so you will want to make sure a given story is in sync with Catholic teaching.

What’s more, given some of the “adult content” of the Bible, each story is rated with warnings for nudity, sexual content, violence, and cursing, and combinations thereof.

I enjoy this website. Again, the scenes are constructed entirely out of lego pieces and they are quite elaborate. The visuals alone make this site worth visiting.