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management schools in singapore?

i’ve written this kind of question before. but since it’s really long time ago and the answer didn’t satisfied me, i should ask again then.

i’m on my last year in high school, i’m indonesian and i want to continue my study in singapore. since i’m interested in social and financial study, i want to take management: accountancy course.

so what’s good recognized universities, whether it’s private or public, to attend?

and can you tell me about smu, sim, mdis, nus business school, or ntu business school? which is better?

i really need these information as soon as possible. because i have to prepare things from now.

thank you so much.

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flaing babels

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well,,you ask that again..

and my answer will [i guess] be still the same..

SAT is still the key..[for SMU]

I think all of Singp. uni are good,,,

you can check in their web. or you can check www.funkygrad.com.

wish u luck


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That relies upon on the rustic from which you complete your bachelors no count if that’s a 3year ecu bologne degree they settle for yet, that’s from india or any asian international places they might develop a question with regard to the autheticity. yet, staring on the call for for the MBA programmes from locals and your competitiveness in GMAT would help you ultimately to learn a seat.