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Is the NCLEX PN easier than the RN?

Which one is easier to pass? I hear the RN is very difficult, and that the LPN is easier because it focuses more on patient care.

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You can only sit for the NCLEX RN if you graduated from a program of study leading to ADN or BSN as a professional nurse. The NCLEX – PN is for LPN or LVN program graduates. The NCLEX PN may be “easier” in some sense, because the role of the LPN is more limited than the role of the RN.

Consider what you want to do in nursing. RNs are in very high demand and the opportunities and salaries are much more robust in the RN role.


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that easily relies upon on your college. The RN college I went to began with approximately 60 in each and each getting into classification… and graduated consistent with threat 15 after 4 semesters. The NCLEX try fee became approximately ninety 9%. The RN college interior the neighboring city starts a classification with regard to the comparable length.. yet graduates many extra. on the fringe of fifty a semester. yet their NCLEX fee is approximately eighty 5%. It relies upon alot on your college and how problematical it fairly is and the form you prepare for the NCLEX. stable good fortune!!!!!!!!!!