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I’m directing a camp and need a dorky, fun dismissal call. PLEASE HELP!!!!?

Anything funny, silly, whatever. For high school and middle school, about 900 kids. Anything that I can say and they can say back to me. Needs to end the assembly every day. Please please help!

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A few days ago

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What kind of camp, what theme, What location?

Maybe you can come up with a cheer like, ” We’re the [ ] , couldn’t be prouder, Can’t hear us now we’ll yell a little louder [ ], [ ], [ ]! and use some unique sound here.

Some hate the Git-r-done phrase, but maybe you could use that or something familiar from a tv show. It would help to have a little more info. Is it a morning assembly to start the day or evening?


4 years ago
in 6th grade we had to circulate to a camp and somebody pronounced a family individuals guy call. our instruction manual could say how u doing vast guy? and we’d say pick some soda? no longer likely dorky however the different communities that heard us began laughin at us. i by no ability have been given the way it concerning to leaving tho.