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How to become school teacher?

Graduated college BA in art but want to become a school teacher, what is the first step?

I am guessing I need to go back to school and get another BA but have no idea what.

I know I want to teach around grade 2 and up, The higher the better since I want to do more of a mentoring/teaching and less babysitting.

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Most states offer alternative certification for people with any BA / BS. There is an ever increasing demand for science teachers. As far as grade level, be careful what you wish for. Advise, knowing your subject is a given, classroom management is THE key. When you do apply at a district, ask if they offer a new teacher transition program. This can save your sanity. God speed.

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As an elementary teacher of 21 years I’d like to welcome you into this fantastically rewarding job. I’ve known since 2nd grade that I wanted to teach and haven’t regretted my decision even once.

Here’s what I recommend you do:

Since you already have a BA then most of your classes are already out of the way. That’s great news! You’ll just have to take your education classes which will be about 1.5-2.0 years.

I would go online to the college of your choice and see if they have an elementary education program.

When it comes to student teaching (and some colleges have you do that first while some have you do it at the end of the program) request a district where you’re interested in teaching. Even better, request three or four districts you’re interested in which will increase your odds. You might be told that they don’t take requests and that you’ll get whatever they give you. I wouldn’t accept that. Politely push your college and tell them how much it would mean to you to student teach in one of these districts.

Also, sign up to be a substitute teacher. Different districts have different rules, so check it out. Many of our current teachers were once substitutes or did their student teaching at our school. If you do a good job at either one of these, people will notice and remember your name when hiring time comes along.

When you’re at a school substituting or student teaching, be visible. Don’t each lunch at your desk; go to the teacher’s lounge and socialize. Trust me, you’ll NEVER be caught up with all of your work. I never have and never will be, and frankly doubt if any elementary teacher has been. Socializing gives you a chance to meet people at the local level and they can give you tips on how to get hired in that particular district.

And finally, make sure you get your teaching degree from an accredited college. A friend of mine got her degree from an unaccredited college and nobody would look at her.

I wish you the best of luck. Like any job, there’s politics and other annoying aspects to it (like parents who think their child is a saint). But for the vast majority of the job, it’s an absolute blast. I love working and laughing with the kids and so will you.


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You need to fullfill the educational requirements of a given state. Then take a test (Praxis) and then possibly student teach for 10 weeks.

You will need at least another semester of college.