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How much money do college professors make weekly?

How much money do college professors make weekly?

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I’ve never heard of a college professor being hired by the week, normally they have annual or multi-year contracts.

The Chronicles of Higher Education is a weekly professional journal that is widely read in the Education community. They publish a very detailed annual survey of the salaries paid instructors at all levels at all different kinds of schools. You can search for them online.

As a general rule, Professors do not make very high salaries compared to other professionals. The typical salary for the highest ranked PhD professors who have had many years of service is between $70K to $90K. That is much less than many attorneys, physicians, pharmacists, etc make, not to mention virtually any successful business executive.


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Virginia rocks!
It depends upon their experience and education. Also, it depends upon how long they have taught at the particular college and in what capacity they teach. Another consideration is the college or university where they teach. I don’t believe college professors get paid weekly; they are usually paid monthly or bi-monthly (every two weeks). However, if you want to know the weekly salary, divide the monthly wages by 4 or divide by 2 if the wages are paid every two weeks, which would be the exception rather than the rule.

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Sharon F
Well there are a lot of ‘It depends”

Private college/university vs. state university/ college?

Community college?

Adjunct instructor or professor vs. full associate professor?

Master’s Degree vs. PhD?

Number of students enrolled per class?

Level of experience?

How much research you’ve done?

Any published journals?

All I can think of now!