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How are Masters in Sports Administration and Leadership degrees viewed?

I’m currently trying to decide the graduate school route that is right for me. I’m torn between a couple of options:

1) An MBA or MIB- I’ve always been interested in management and love the travel and pay options careers in this field offer.

2) A degree in Higher Ed. or Educational Administration- This could help me with my goal of working with kids and bettering a school system which are consistently failing.

3) A degree in Sports Administration and Leadership- I would love to be a high school athletic director and football coach and this seems like it would lead me on the right path. I’ve played sports and football since High School (including 4 seasons in college) so I have the athletic background, but I don’t know too much about this degree and if it’s even worthwhile.

I could do the AD thing with the Higher Ed degree too, but the MSAL degree could leave me options in other areas (I have also worked as an event coordinator at a sports facility).

What is your take on this?

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You will teach somewhere. I think the degrees are pretty flexible.

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definite. do no longer knock what you do not have. The masters is needed in case you ever decide to be in a administration place. Now dig this: contained in the army national shelter all you need to get your commision is 12 college credit; a B.A. to make substantial; and a Masters degree to grow to be a colonel. No Masters – no colonel. this is the comparable way in civilian jobs. Upward mobility calls for a sheep dermis.