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Do any other teachers get mad when they see students on here asking how they can get their teacher fired?

I’m sure that most of these teachers are great! How does this make you feel? Am I the only one who is offended by students who want to get their teachers fired because they wont let them listen to their I-Pod in class or something stupid or GASP actually tried to make them learn something.

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I whole-heartedly agree with you. It is outrageous how students behave. I teach high school English (grade 9) and all electronic devices are banned in the school. That doesn’t mean the kids don’t bring them. I had one complain the other day because I confiscated his laser pointer. They know they can’t bring such things to school, but they try anything.

I don’t get mad when I see such postings here, though. I know it is a phenomenon of the times. Kids have more rights now and they know what their rights are. If they find that they can’t get away with whatever they want to, we are bad teachers and should be fired. It’s warped logic, which they learned some place other than school.


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hi Molly right here we flow returned with the comparable issues I enable you to comprehend many times. you shouldn’t have slept at school, it fairly is a vast no no and additionally a disrespect in the direction of the instructor. This does not have occurred if the two one in each and every of you hadn’t slept at school. the instructor grew to become into incorrect too and specific he could be disciplined via the appropriate, yet you and your chum have been incorrect too via snoozing at school. solid success and need not something occurs. I additionally wish you start up behaving and being extra respectful.

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Coach K
I have never had this happen to me. Probably because I allow the use of I-Pods in my class. I listen to mine so I can’t be hypocritical and not allow them to. But all my student know that when I lecture, all electronics are to be out sight.