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Costumes for teens that are hosting a Halloween event at an elementary school?! IDEAS please!?

As a club, we are volunteering to host a Halloween party at a local elementry school for children who are disabled. We are told by the school to come in costumes. However, most of us, especially the guys (of course!) don’t want to go buy costumes. We are looking for home made easy costumes but we can’t think of what the elementry school children would like. Does anyone have any ideas?!

Please keep them age appropriate for us….most of us are 16/17/18. (We’re picky about stuff thats TOO childish haha)

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A lot of purple baloons make make a bunch of grapes costume. Go as the fruit of the loom guys. lol Or maybe the Cavemen. Come on, it’s costume time — forget your dignity and have fun! Oh yeah, pioneers are easy (as far as costumes go).

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Go with something fun, like a pirate, a rock star (just not skimpy), Tarzan, Disney princess, stuff like that. Nothing scary, creepy, or revealing – your mom’s white blouse and some black pants with a bandana and eye patch work for a pirate, a prom dress (pretty, not skin-tight and low cut or backless) and fake tiara from Claire’s at the mall works for a Disney princess. For Tarzan/Jane, the costumes are super easy to make – cut the shape out of fabric and sew the side seams, that’s all there is to it. Just remember to wear shorts underneath 🙂

Thanks for asking this – I recently took my son to a Halloween party that was supposed to be kid friendly, and many of the teens were dressed very inappropriately – death, French maid, Britney Spears, etc. Thanks for looking out for the kids!


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One uncomplicated thought is to bypass wearing diverse activities jerseys and pretend to be in demand atheletes. youngsters love this. and that i’m particular you would be waiting to hit upon quite a number of outift thoughts for unfastened