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Cheryl Cab, DRE

Catholic Catechists training workshop this weekend – I’m the presenter…share your POSITIVE experiences!?

It is a training workshop and I’d like input on what works well…your positive experiences…what meant a lot to you and/or what you remember most. I have 6 hours to fill!

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pestie58 the spider hunter

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I have never been to a workshop in the religion you are talking about but i would like to share a scripture with you.

Psalms 84:10

I hope you enjoy and remember seek first the kingdom


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Liet Kynes
*Is Catholic*

*Small group discussions are usually just time fillers. A presenter is to present new information and new tactics not have the people who he/she is talking to come up with them.

*Be topical. Let me suggest talking about ways of implementing Summorum Pontificum, teaching the importance of Latin in the Roman Mass (both forms of the Missal), and generally just talking about ways to bring the laity back up to speed with the 1962 Missal.

*Be orthodox. We should be interested in teaching the Faith not what is “personally fulling to me”.

*Talk about what Pope Benedict XVI is teaching and how you can be implementing that in your parishes.

*Talk about how your local bishop is working with Benedict’s vision, how you can help the bishop and what the bishop wants in his territory.

*Prayer. You must have prayer. Grab a priest so he can lead you in pray and give a blessing.

More if you need it.

You might want to look at these




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Im going to mine on the 18th. Stick to an outline, but always allow discussion. We have about 20 teachers and assistants, and almost everyone has something valuable to contribute. Don’t worry about the six hours. They will shoot by! BTW our training is called mission to teach.

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Time for sharing. People can get lost when presentation is just a one way street.

I think time for small group discussion and study might be good too. This way the stress is off of you and everyone has “think time” to formulate their best answer.

Enjoy your time!