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When should I study abroad??

OK, so right now, i am a freshman in high school, but ive traveled internationally before and am taking spanish. I am really serious about becoming an exchange student sometime in the future, and I was wondering when the best time to do it is, next year, the year after, or the year after?? Thanks for the help

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I’ve always advised people to go in their junior year. That gives you enough maturity to handle the experience, but also leaves you your senior year at home.

This has several advantages.

First and foremost, if you suddenly end up lacking a credit you need to graduate, you can take care of that when you get back.

Second, you will have all the fun and excitement of being with your class during your senior year.

Third, you’ll be able share your experience with other high school students, possibly persuading some of them to go on an exchange as well.

Good luck to you! This is an awesome experience and I hope you get to take advantage of it! If you’re interested in reading more about exchange students, checkout www.exchangestudentworld.com. It’s a site written by students for students!


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I recommend studying abroad senior year for several reasons.

1. Finish courses needed to graduate before going abroad. Then you can really enjoy your year there.

2. Make a smooth transition from high school, to study abroad, then straight to college. Why go back to the same school you left? Go on to a new adventure!

3. Senioritis is so much sweeter in another country.

For Spain, take a look at School Year Abroad and Rotary, both very different but at the same time, both wonderful programs.


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Probably in your junior or senior year if you’re in high school.

In college, you can do it sophomore, junior or senior year, depending on your level of maturity.

You can study for a half semester [4 months] or a full semester [8-9] months.

You’re going to get homesick the first few weeks, but it gets better. *smiles*

Call you mom often, if only for a couple of minutes……it will mean the world to her. *sigh*

Best wishes on whatever you choose.