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What is the best UF / University of Florida dorm?

There are a lot of housing options at UF on the application. What’s the best UF dorm? I want something nice, and I know a bunch of them are triples without air conditioning. Help!!

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Hume Hall. It’s the one of the newest dorms and has 2 person rooms with a shared bathroom and parking for residents in the parking garage right behind it and in the parking lot right across the street. It has a multimedia room, group study rooms and a recreational center in it.

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I think Windsor Hall the best dorm at UF. It’s a luxury dorm 2 blocks from Hume. It’s actually part of off campus housing but it’s a dorm.

Windsor Hall isn’t part of the UF dorm system– it’s owned by a private company. I didn’t like the UF system. At UF, you sign paperwork but you are NOT actually guaranteed a spot in the dorms at all– and you are NOT guaranteed the dorm of your choice OR the floorplan of your choice. If you don’t get a dorm placement, they don’t tell you until right before the school year starts, so that you are SOL. LOL.

It’s bad enough if you want a single dorm room and are placed in a double at UF– but UF also can place you in what they call a “temporary triple”, which is where they put 3 people into a room that isn’t even big enough for 2 people. I also didn’t like it that most of the UF dorms have bathrooms shared with everyone else on your floor or wing. Community bathrooms are just gross- I never understood how anyone could shower in them when I visited during Preview. I showered at my mom’s hotel room. So, you can request the dorms like Hume but that doesn’t mean you won’t get one like Buckman that doesn’t even have air-conditioning. That’s ridiculous!

Windsor hall is the nicest dorm I saw in Gainesville. They have Single Suites and Double Suites. You can sign up for the size you want and you are GUARANTEED the style you sign for. Every room had attached bathrooms and kitchenettes in them. They all have A/C. It’s a dorm (its social, you meet other students)– but its actually NICE. Everything is there when you get there: furniture, cable, internet.