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My friend who is studying MIB wants to go abroad for Management studies. Pls advise where to study/course??

My friend (who is in South India) now stidying MIB course and he wants to go abroad for 1 or 2 year studies in Management course. I heard MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY (Malasiya) or Singapore wil be best. Also I heard Australia some university is best for Management Studies. Pls anyone help me out about the course and expense details. Thanks all.

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australia is too good no doubt in that but please check out hte rules on ur own do your own reseach don’t just depend on the agency tru which u come and no use of grumbling. if australia its better to have work exp and come atleast 2 years it works very well then . UTS, UNI OF MELB, MBS ,ANU are top uni for MBA