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McKinsey, Bain and Co., and Boston Consulting Group salaries for strategic consultants.?

What kind of entry level salaries can you expect when hired by these strategic consulting firms? More specifically is there a salary difference when comparing consultants with MBA’s vs. MD’s or other advanced professional degrees. I’m told you work really hard as an “associate consultant” (with an undergraduate degree), but it gets easier as a “consultant” (with a graduate degree). Any thoughts to the contrary?

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Depends where you are assigned due to cost of living. In NYC though (highest cost of living in the nation), graduate degree professionals start out in the low to mid 50s. That’s barely enough to live on in NYC. In general they don’t pay entry level people anything because they can’t charge firms for services done by entry level people (contracts forbid newbies from accrueing hours as a ‘consultant’). Hence, you are paid dirt and work long hard hours just for the prestige factor.