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May I know the names of the best business schools in canada?

May I know the names of the best business schools in canada?

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Top Business Schools in Canada – MBA Rankings

MBA Rankings. Given below is the list of Top MBA Programs and Top MBA Schools in the Canada.

Note: These rankings may not be the latest published ones. The rankings have been taken from annual rankings of Canadian Business Schools by Payback.

Rank University Program Entry Program Length Min. TOEFL score Min. GMAT score Min. Work Experience

1 Queen’s University May 1 year 250 (cbt) 600 2

2 University of Manitoba August 11 months 550 500 –

3 University of Western Ontario September 2 years 250 560 2

4 York University Jan, Sept 16-20 months 600 (250) – 2

5 University of Toronto September 8-16 months 580 . .

6 Mcgill University September 2 years 600 570 2

7 Wilfrid Laurier University August 1 year 550 (213) 550 2

8 HEC (French)

9 University of Ottawa August 15 months 580

10 University of New Brunswick – St. John October 12 months 550 500 2

11 University of Victoria August 17 months 230 550 2

12 University of British Columbia September 15 months 600 (250) 2

13 Concordia University Sept, Jan, May 16-24 months 250 (cbt) 600 2

14 Simon Fraser University Sept, Jan, May 4 semesters 570 550

17 McMaster University September 2 years 580 600 1

18 Dalhousie University September 2 years 580 550 .-

19 Saint Mary’s University September 2 years 550 500 .–

If you are looking for the Top Business Schools in Canada, you have reached the right place. This is a listing of the Best Business Schools and MBA programs in Canada.


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JSS International Institute of Professional Studies, JSS Technical Institutions campus, Mysore, India offers National Diploma (Computing) for 10th pass or equivalent and Higher national Diploma (Computing) for 12th pass or equivalent. These courses are certified by Edexcel, International, one of the main examination board of UK. After HND students can directly join for final year Bachelors degree course in computer science in UK, US , Australia or Singapore(conditions apply). Course duration ND 2 Years and HND 2 years. Method of assessment based on assignment, class test and projects.

Former students of JSSIIPS is pursuing MSc in Computer science in prestigious Oxford University, University of Manchester Etc after their BSc (Hon) Computer studies from UK and US Universities.

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Not bad but I’m dubious about the high ranking for Manitoba and would put York first myself.