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Is it O.K. to use Yahoo answers as a teaching material?

In English lessons at foreign countries, is it O.K?

As a material to communicate with English natives, can teachers let students ask here?

Please let me know.

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It depends. If they are asking for us to do their English homework, then no. However, if they are asking various things about the culture of English speaking countries, that should be fine.

However, remember it’s not interactive, therefore they loose a lot using this site. I would suggest that they go to a more interactive site — perhaps pen pals — to use their English more.


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kodama spirit
i dont see why not. you will want to make them fully aware of how these systems tend to work. in that they are not always given correct information, and sometimes people can respond really rudely if the wording isnt done well. so you need to put this forum into context.