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sean R

Has anybody ever studied spanish in spain, is there courses you can take over there, how much are they?

is it much easier to learn spanish over seas where it is always spoken and heard

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There are a lot of ways to learn Spanish in Spain.

For example, in my university there are courses of Spanish for foreign people. I can’t tell yo prices because I don’t really know how much they cost. But I can tell there are a lot of american people studying here 🙂 it’s a cool place

There’s another way to learn Spanish… In Spain there are some kind of languages schools called “Escuela Oficial de Idiomas” where you can learn “Español para extranjeros” (Spanish for foreigners). It’s a public institution, which means that it is not very expensive (more or less 65 euros per year).

You should think about a city in Spain that you would like to stay, and then search for a place to study Spanish (there are a los fo places where you could study, especially in the big cities).

This is the web of the “Official Languages School” from my city, Alicante, take a look at it.


If you need to know more, contact me by e-mail


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I can highly recommend to study Spanish in Alicante. It is a very nice city on the coast. There are no dialects. I have studied in Elcano Spanish school. There are good teachers, the prices of the courses are very favorable. They also organize a lot of activities and trips and they can offer you accommodation in a shared flat or in a family.