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Could i get into University after finishing high school?

– i’m a international student , just like singapore we’re taking GCE o’level (like the one in the UK)

– I wanted to study in U.S maybe in business school like university of berkeley,

– can i straight away apply for the course, or i have to take A levels? or sat ?

– and what subject i need to take in order to get in to UCB(university of california berkeley) easily?

pls help ?? i have no idea ?

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Go there for most of your answers. But I have to make an observation here. And it’s important for your future at Berkeley. With all of your education, why didn’t you figure out how to find the school’s website on your own? Did you think the admissions director was going to be on YA?

As a business student, one of the things you need is the ability to solve problems. Finding a college website is hardly a problem and the logical first place to look. Wouldnt you agree?

I know it seems like a little thing. But when you are talking about going to a first rate school like Berkeley, you need to be able to motivate yourself to do your own work. Finding the website should be your own work. I mean, if you have to time to ask a question here, you should be able to track down a major University in the US.

Dont get mad. I’m just trying to help.

Good luck.


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look on line to the school’s web site –

see what they will require for you, as an international student, to have to ‘qualify’ you for their campus

they may also have a ‘contact us’ area where you can e-mail the registrar’s office

best of luck