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can someone tell me wat to do next?

my math teacher began this problem in class but left it imcomplete, can you please tell me what happens next?

ratio of deer to fox is 7:3..if there are 210 foxes, wat is the number of deer. (i dun remember the exact question)

she added 7+3= 10.Then she divided 210 by 10, and got 21.

then she multiplied 7(21) = 147 and 39210= 63…

what next?

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Lady Lefty

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7/3 = d/210

3d=7 times 210

3d= 1470

d= 1470 divided by 3

d= 490 deer


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i don’t think your teacher did it right…

the ratio should have been taught to be in proportion form:

Step 1. 7 deer to 3 foxes is x deer to 210 foxes.

Step 2. So it looks like this: 7/3=x/210

Step 3. Multiply 210 and 7. Multiply 3 and x. You get : 1470=3x.

Step 4. Divide three from both sides.

Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ˜€


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Hmm what she did is confusing for me. You can set up fractions instead so-

(sorry can’t make the little bar, but top is numerator and bottom is denominator)

Deer – 7 x

Fox – 3 = 210

So- 3x= 7(210)


Divided both sides by three to isolate x

x= 490

Number of

Deer =490

Foxes= 210


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Grant Cowan
what i do is first put it into a fraction.


— x 210 should give you your answer.


hope this helps


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dude the answer is 34