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best teenage study abroad/language program for language?

my parents say that next summer i can go study German in Europe. but i have no clue the best and the worst of language programs, there are no site reviewing them and each one looks good on there own site, so if you’ve ever studied abroad and enjoyed it, and learned a lot, tell me who you went through

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You need to go to www.csiet.org.

That will give you the list of the exchange organizations certified to operate in the U.S. Please note, that list does not recommend one program over the other!

You can cross check them at the Committee for the Safety of Foreign Exchange Students site (http://www.csfes.org/).

Don’t be scared by what you read up there, those are very extreme cases — but the site offers great advice and you can see which programs are reported often — a good clue to stay away.

Most exchange organizations offer a summer program, and Germany is one of the biggest exchange countries (after all, that’s where it started!)

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