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Anyone who’s been in or is in INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE holler at me?

I am currently an IB student and I need some opinions/help. How did IB help you? Did you drop out? Why? Which universities accept this diploma? How difficult was it overall? Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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IB is not worth it.

I graduated with my diploma last year.

I have a year less of college, but sacrificing my entire high school life for a textbook isnt worth it. Because of Floridas scholarship program, I also have free admission and three hundred dollars towards book. But I could have gotten this without IB.

All universities accept the diploma. But the diploma does not matter, the test scores do. Not all universities give you credit, but most do. Check with the college.

Its hard. It time consuming. The tests in the end are not that difficult, but the material learned is far more advanced and at a faster pace than the rest of the school, so the classes themselves are difficult.

I wouldnt recommend IB. I wouldnt take it again had I the chance. Everyone told us you will get into any college of your choice, and this is a plain lie.


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I really think it depends on what you want to do in high school. IB is great in my opinion especially if you want to take the hardest classes possible. The nice thing is a lot of the IB classes double up so that you can take the AP tests for them as well (although not all the classes offer this). IB focuses a lot on writing and analysis, which is great for college since your mind and your process of thinking mature because of the way the classes are taught.

It also depends on how good your teachers are and how good the program is at your school. If you’re really devoted and studious you should do fine either way.

IB is still do-able even if you’re in sports and extracurricular activities, although you do become hard-pressed for time.

The actual classes really aren’t that difficult it’s just that you have to learn how to juggle one class against the other and focus on what’s more important.

A lot of universities accept the IB diploma. You can search each college you’re looking for to see what sort of credit you can get for the dimploma and the classes you took (usually you get around 30 credits for the diploma). As I said before, even though you may not get IB credit if you take the AP tests for your classes you can at least have some AP credit.

In the end its up to you. In my opinion its worth it because even though you may not necessarily get the credit, colleges still acknowledge and consider the fact that you’ve gone through a rigorous program.

-I’m currently in the IB program and at the moment it seems fine even with the extracurriculars I do. I also have a friend who just graduated and has been accepted to UC Long Beach as a junior because of her IB diploma. I understand that this doesn’t happen to everyone but out of our graduating IB class last year practically everyone got into top-notch colleges, from Harvard, Duke, and Princeton to UCLA and USC.


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rue saint-denis
What are your HLs and SLs? I’m a junior taking

HLs: English, History (of the Americas, Contemporary History), Biology

SLs: Psychology, Calculus, French