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Wesites similar to sparknotes?

Hey everyone. Once again I need your help. I’m getting somewhat behind in the reading of a book thats due in a little under 2 weeks. If you have any recommendations for sites that either detailedly sum up a book or even a written essay website that would be really beneficial to my situation. Hopefully with the help of a summery website like pinkmonkey.com so I can just slowly skim through a few chapters to reach my deadline. Thanks everyone for your assistance, I appreciate it. And don’t think I’m asking this because of me doing nothing. I would just like to be prepared a little more then I am now. It doesn’t matter if the site cost money, but of cores, I would prefer free sites.

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Have you tried studyworld.com and freebooknotes.com, or cliffsnotes.com?

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Marty – a Wisconsin Reference Librarian