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Should I retake the ACT in the fall to get into UW-Madison or University of Minnesota?

I just recently took the ACT in June and got a 30 on it. I was just wondering if I should retake the ACT in late October or just send my application in. I heard that if I send it in early, there’s more of a chance I’ll get in. I want to got to UW-Madison or Minnesota and most likely major in Business. I have around a 3.5 GPA and a few extracurriculars. Also feel free to share any past experiences with colleges.

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I think you are pretty good. I don’t know if you still have to do the Essay portion for UW-Madison (I did) but they look at that too.

Good luck, I think you should focus the whole process more towards UW-Madison, it’s a great school, I love it, it’s fun, so many people (SO many). The environment is not boring at all. I will be Junior here at UW-Madison. I remember when I had to go through what you are. It’s tough, it’s sometimes frustrating but it will come to an end and you will be calm once you know where you will be attending.

But whatever you end up doing you will enjoy it.


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I keep telling people that if you think you can do better, there’s no reason not to take it again.

Just looking at UW-Madison’s website, most of their students are in the 26-30 ACT range, so it’s true that you’re already on the top, with your score and good GPA. But I don’t see anything there about early admission, so I don’t think it would be too much of a problem if you put off applying to take it again. Make sure that’s with the writing section, though, because it looks like they require that.

I can’t find the numbers for Minnesota.

I do know that the colleges I was applying to gave out more scholarship money the higher your ACT score, so you’d have to poke around the respective websites for those schools to see if they do anything like that.

Good luck!


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I scored a 32 and was told I could pretty much go anywhere in the state (of MN). A buddy of mine got into the U of M with an ACT score of 28. Based on this alone, I’d say you were OK. Your GPA seems acceptable and you’ve got extracurriculars under your belt. Go for it!

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My father’s alma mater was U of MN. 30 isn’t bad at all. Sending in your application early for a higher chance to get in is a bit of a myth because while the admission rates are higher for early action/decision applicants, the pool itself tends to be more selective to begin with because the kind of student that does that tends to be more qualified. It’s extremely unlikely that you could get in by turning your application early and not get in by turning it in later with the same exact application.

That said, taking the ACT in October will probably be unnecessary because you’ve already exceeded or met (at the upper range) the mid-50% range of ACT scores for both scores. So your ACT is certainly not going to hurt your chances of getting in if it stays at a 30.