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PSAT Question?

My friend said that If you score in the top 1 percentile on the PSAT’s, you get a full four year scholarship to any college or university in the world. Is this true?

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tell me all!!!

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hahahaaa if you get the top award for the national merit scholarship, you only get a one time $2500 scholarship… NOT a full ride or anything even CLOSE. if you get the second level, which is the corporate or school sponsored scholarships, mayyyybe…. but those are kinda rare. mostly, the national merit is more an honor than anything else… it’s very ironic that the top scholarship is often less than the schools’ and corporates…

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You are referring to the National Merit Scholarship. The top 1% of all test takers are CONSIDERED for the scholarship, however, the actual amount of scholarships awarded is less than half of that 1%. If you get the top award, there is a chance you will recieve a full tuition [presuming you keep your grades up], but that is still just a CHANCE.

Check out this website for more on the National Merit Scholarship:


Also, it is not the whole world, just the United States, with a few exceptions.