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Possible to get into a good UC if I boost up my grades this year and the next 2 years of highschool?

I’ve been pretty much getting A’s and B’s maybe a C once in a while because I was slacking off. I’m a sophmore now and I am starting to worry about college and my future, do you think it is possible to still get into a good UC if I try really hard and for the next 2-3 years i get straight A’s and start taking advance placement classes or atleast honors I will still have a chance. Im shooting for UCLA but I know I do not have a chance now, so maybe UC Irvine. Thanks

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There is something you need to know about college. They do not only look at your grades, but they look at what you do outside of school, or what other THINGS you do. They are interested in YOU and who YOU are. They also look at SAT scores too… if your getting gpa of 3.8+ and SAT score like 1800+, your guaranteed UC as long as you maintain it, and do a little extra-curricular.

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you could in all probability nevertheless get right into a UC. That having been pronounced, that is lots greater funds friendly to flow to a community college on your standard ed and then flow to a UC. maximum community faculties have flow agreements with the close by UC’s which permit transfers inspite of the scholars severe college record or maybe SAT rankings. lots of what you hear approximately how confusing that’s to get into universities is BS in my opinion. My spouse replaced into widely used to each college she utilized to yet her severe college grades have been magnificent, i replaced into widely used to each college I utilized to additionally (Cal Poly, u.s., UCLA, UCB) and my severe college grades have been particularly customary… yet I had a million a million/2 years of community college which made me a shoe in… countless human beings positioned down this concept, yet once you will desire to be certain the place i’m now, you would be guffawing with me, have faith me.