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ok so im taking a class in keyboarding at school.

i was doing fine until

we learned two new keys

and its really hard

and now i think im behind in the class

we were supposed to be done with lesson 10

and i was barely on 9

any tips on how to do better??

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A few days ago
Stephanie E

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check out the following site … can learn how to type better

A few days ago
type the following over and over: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

It contains the entire alphabet. Sorry, but no suggestions for numbers.


A few days ago
Hoosier Mom
The only thing I know of that helps is practice. Can you practice at home as well as at school? Or at the library?

Good luck – it’s not fun to be behind, but you’ll get the hang of it – and be happy for it later. (:


A few days ago
How many days ago did school start?. If you are already a chapter behind, I would suggest you go study, and don’t ask us what you should do!.

Either that or give up the class!. are you for real?. it’s a joke right!..ha ha ha!!!!