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Is it even possible to get 100% in every test?Or just 3 to 6 in a row.?

People always say nothing is impossible, I have found this very good in that it gives us hope but it also means it in a negative way, so it’s possible to blow up the universe is it? Ha ha ha! I laugh at this. Is it possible to jump 200m in the sky without moving? I mean really, it is limited, when you say something think!

Now, you see I’ve got a problem, I want to get 100% in the coming test, and I know I can do it. But every time I get my tests back it’s always 1 or 2 questions wrong that are seriously stupid mistakes! So far the best I have got is 2 100% in a row in Mathematics. And that’s it. I want more. I really do. And don’t ever tell me I don’t work hard enough because I prepare 1 week before every test and I study and revise over and over again everyday for 2 hours or even longer when I think it’s neccessary. And on the day before the test I study like till midnight. It is really back-breaking work and my brain often bursts of- (continued on details)

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It’s not impossible. I’m not saying I’ve been able to 100% on everything, but I don’t see why you’re so hung up on this.

If you study, and you know everything you need to know and you can get by only missing 1 or 2 questions, there really is nothing wrong with that.

Perfection, getting 100% on everything, doesn’t make SO much of a difference.

And don’t hurt yourself with all that studying.

I mean, it sounds like you’re a top-notch student,

so why stress out over little things like the difference between 98% and 100%?

The way you’re telling it, it seems like there’s no real problem here.

I mean, most likely the problems you got back wrong were probably little, simple mistakes.

If you really wanna go for the gold,

just double check your answers before turning in your test.

Check em 14 times if you really want it that badly.

/: just don’t kill yourself by overstudying,mmmk?

and i’m serious– it’s not good for you. all that stress i mean.


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Wounded Duck
You must know the material. I got 100% on every test from 3rd grade to high school. I never crammed for a test.