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Industrial Revolution Help?

Help is much appreciated. Please help, I need to do a poweroint on this!

a. 3 reasons it began in Great Britain

b. Capital = ?

c. Entrepreneurs = ?

d. Cottage industry = ?

e. 3 inventions that helped the cotton industry bloom

f. Contribution of James Watt (also consider railroad)

g. Changes in US from 1800-1860 in terms of where people lived & what they did for a living

h. How they railroad was influential in the US

i. How urbanization occurred in Europe (causes, effects & examples)

j. 6 characteristics of the working conditions and expectations

k. Socialism = ?

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1. The farms were labour intensive but paid poorly. So peps went to cities.

2 What you mean capital?

3. Entrepeneurs. The Cadburys Factory – Chocolate, Clark Family- shoes, Robert Owen from Newton Wales, opened a Factory and Working village in Lanarkshire scotland.

4. Cottage industry..well that was Sewing and making clothes and wool etc.

5. James Watt scottish Engineer, made Steam engines and Balance engines.

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