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If I study engineering as an undergrad, what are my chances of getting into a Top 10 graduate business school?

I am currently a freshman undergrad student majoring in civil engineering and specializing in project management at the University of Maryland. However, I want to get an MBA later on, and obviously would like to go to a good business school. Thus I considered studying for a Finance degree instead (I could probably pull a 3.5 in engineering and 3.9 in finance). Will it be harder for me to get accepted into a top 10 business school without the undergraduate background in business? Or, how hard would it be to get into a good school with just a civil engineering degree?

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DO NOT major in civil engineering. Civil engineers are having a very hard time getting jobs right now. Just about any other engineering field would be better.

Business schools love engineering majors. An engineering degree will also be much more useful than a finance degree if you end up not feeling like graduate school.


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Ask again in three to five years or so, when you’ve got some substantive full-time management experience under your belt. Right now, unless you achieve a near-perfect score on your GMAT and achieved some kind of remarkable success for the organizations you interned with in those few short months you were there, I don’t see it happening.