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iam adult that was in special ed?

iam out of school know and want to get my ged but i want one on one teacher to teach me at huntington learning center so i can pass the ged test. i tryed ged test center and they don`t work for me .anyone no how much this center cost?

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I do not know about Huntington but you do need to get copies of your paperwork that proves you were in special education. Take it to a local college or university and ask for the department that helps people with learning differences (every college is required by federal law to have a department like this but each college has a different name for that department). Tell them you want to take a GED test and need accomodations due to your Special Education needs. They’ll help you, get you similar help during the actual test and can tell you where to turn for free educational opportunities that having special needs makes you eligible for — sweet deal!!!

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I believe that the Huntington Learning Center has a lot of branches. You can look up the name for your city and not GED Test Center.

The school district for your area may offer free classes for the GED test. Contact them.

You can e-mail me with the name of your city an state and I will be happy to try and help you.


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There might desire to be classes you may take for unfastened with one on one help. call your community branch of training place of work (superintendents place of work) and tell them you want tips on the unfastened GED classes.