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i need some studying tips?????????

i need some help studying

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Okay. It mostly depends on what you’re studying but I’ll give you the obvious and the not so obvious studying tips.

*make sure the room in the right temp and or noise level. If you like to study with music on. do so. Whatever you’re comfortable with. you don’t have to have it completely silent. (some experts say you do)

*Did you know: If you suck on a piece of candy such as a joly rancher, it can help you focus better on your reading/work.

*Try and set a time EVERYDAY and do it at the SAME time everyday!

*GET A PLANNER! While youre in class, write down what you think you’re having trouble with, or what to read. If you have a hard time getting information to stick because you’re a hands on learner, try reading it the day you got the assignment, and then reading it again the day before it’s due.

*Keep up and DON’T procrastinate. Keep your studying short…. at most a couple of hours. If you have a ton of homework, make sure you take a half an hour break every two hours and keep your self hydrated!


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help already
I like to use index cards. Rewrite your notes and important facts on them, then go through them as often as possible. It helped me get through nursing school! Good Luck!!!